Acupuncture for Male Fertility

male fertility

So much of the focus around troubles achieving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy is focused on the person who will be carrying the baby and that’s only part of the story! 

East Asian medicine has always recognized that the health and history of the male significantly impact the ability to create new life in this way. Modern-day medical practices are learning this more and more but testing for males usually comes after long and challenging processes that assume female infertility. 

In fairness, both hopeful parents might benefit from support to improve their fertility, but males are largely under-considered here.

Tips to Support Male Fertility 

If you have been attempting to get pregnant for a year or more and have been unsuccessful, consulting an acupuncturist may be useful for both parties involved. The combination of herbal medicine and acupuncture can make a huge difference. In addition to getting acupuncture treatment, here are some tips to support male fertility:

  • Quit smoking. Tobacco and marijuana use has been shown to decrease sperm density, motility, viability, and normal morphology. 
  • Get adequate, good-quality sleep. When we sleep, our bodies heal and recover greatly. Additionally, men who sleep 6 hours or fewer are shown to have lower sperm counts. Lack of sleep is connected to a greater incidence of diabetes and obesity, which could put your future children at a higher risk for these concerns as well. 
  • Decrease or eliminate caffeine and alcohol consumption. Alcohol and caffeine consumption have been linked to lower sperm count and functioning. 
  • Eat your fruits and veggies. Studies show that men who eat more fruits and veggies – especially leafy greens – have higher concentrations of sperm and improved motility compared to those who eat fewer. The studies also suggest that adding more legumes supports male fertility. 
  • Get acupuncture and utilize herbal medicine. Acupuncture for male fertility can help you enhance reproductive health by improving sperm quality and hormonal balance, offering a natural path to enhancing fertility.

Tailoring Lifestyle Changes for Male Fertility

Talk to your provider about how to best alter your lifestyle to work for you and your individual fertility needs. Together, you can create a personalized plan that enhances your chances of a successful pregnancy, supported by professional advice tailored to your circumstances.

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