Does Acupuncture Help with Fertility?

fertility acupuncture

If you’re navigating the complex journey of trying to conceive, you might have stumbled upon acupuncture as a potential helper on your path to parenthood. 

It’s a technique from traditional East medicine that’s been around for centuries, touted for its myriad health benefits. But when it comes to boosting fertility, does Acupuncture help?

A Closer Look at Acupuncture and Its Connection to Fertility

Using the stimulation of tiny micro-traumas from the needles, acupuncture signals the body’s healing response. Depending on the points and treatments selected, those resources are directed at healing certain body systems’ functioning. 

When considering female fertility, acupuncture may work to balance hormones, help the body resolve cysts, or ease endometriosis. With male fertility, our focus might similarly be on hormones but also the morphology and motility of the sperm.

Balancing Act: How Acupuncture Could Help Regulate Hormones

Our bodies are hormone symphonies, and sometimes it is off-key. This is especially true for the reproductive hormones that choreograph ovulation. If they’re not in sync, conceiving becomes more challenging. The gentle art of acupuncture helps tune these hormones back to their natural rhythm, encouraging regular cycles and boosting your chances of ovulation and, ultimately, pregnancy. At Jennum O’Hara Acupuncture, we work with Mira to give you the best Eastern and Western medicine. Mira offers at-home lab-quality fertility testing so you can watch your cycles change with acupuncture treatment. It provides useful insights to your providers and gives you some greater insights into your fertility.

The Ovarian Follicle Fan Club

Let’s talk about ovarian follicles for a second. These tiny sacs in your ovaries are where eggs mature, hoping to star in the main event: ovulation. Some research hints that acupuncture might improve blood flow to the ovaries, creating a spa-like environment for these follicles to thrive, mature, and release quality eggs. More circulation could improve egg quality and ensure ovulation takes place. More ovulation could mean more opportunities to get pregnant.

Stress: The Fertility Foe

Stress and fertility are like oil and water; they don’t mix well. High-stress levels can throw a wrench in your hormonal balance and ovulation schedule. Here’s where acupuncture is a stress-busting superhero, offering a natural way to relax and reduce tension. Less stress might make the fertility journey less daunting and directly enhance your chances of becoming pregnant. No matter what brings people through our doors, to begin with, they always leave expressing significant stress reduction. That impact alone is worth it!

A Helping Hand Alongside Traditional Treatments

While acupuncture isn’t a magical cure-all, it’s becoming a sidekick to conventional fertility treatments, like IVF. Some studies suggest that a handful of sessions of acupuncture around the time of embryo transfer could tip the scales in favor of pregnancy. It’s like whispering to your body and saying, “Hey, let’s make this happen.” We recommend starting weekly acupuncture 3 months before any planned pregnancy. We will monitor your cycles (with or without Mira), address any other symptoms, and discuss everything to put you in the best position to conceive. Most studies about IVF and acupuncture also have patients receiving treatments before and after embryo transfer (usually within 24 hours on either side). Everybody is different and you should discuss your personal treatment plan with your provider. 

To Poke or Not to Poke?

So, back to our big question: Does acupuncture help with fertility? Yes, it seems to be capable of balancing hormones, cheering on ovarian follicles, cutting down stress, and complementing traditional fertility therapies. 

Everyone’s journey is unique, and acupuncture is just one piece of the larger fertility puzzle. It’s always wise to chat with your healthcare provider or licensed acupuncturist to tailor a plan that fits your path to parenthood.

Embarking on the fertility journey can feel like climbing a mountain, but you don’t have to scale it alone. Acupuncture could offer a supportive hand, helping you find balance and peace as you navigate the path. 

Here’s to finding your way, with help from ancient wisdom and modern science combined!