Dry Needling

Our acupuncturists have extensive training and experience in dry needling. They will be able to tell you when and if dry needling is the best procedure to assist in your treatment. 

Dry needling IS acupuncture. There are many styles and techniques within the field of acupuncture and this is just one example of that. While this style is gaining popularity now, the practice was written about in the famous 652 A.D. text, Prescriptions for Emergencies Worth a Thousand Gold (Beiji Qianjin Yaofang). Sun Simiao discussed needling AhShi points, or painful areas, and sometimes treating with moxibustion.

Dry needling shows the best results when combined with other techniques within East Asian medicine. When receiving this treatment, make sure your provider has extensive training to avoid any possible injuries or side effects.

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dry needling and microneedling