East Asian Medicine in Autumn

east asian medicine in fall

This time of year everyone talks about the virtue of letting go.  What about holding on? In East Asian medicine we strive for balance; balance of the elements and balance of yin and yang.  Autumn is associated with the Metal Element and the resonating organs are the Lung and Large Intestine.  

The Lung exhales carbon dioxide but inhales and takes in oxygen.  The Large Intestine lets go of waste, but it is also the last stop in the digestive system to extract water and nutrients.  This concept is really what Autumn is about.  We can work towards letting go of that grudge, but holding on to the lesson we learned about a person or situation.  

Can we move the grief we are holding on to in our chest, and also hold on to the love and warmth from a cherished person?  Can we let go of the life we thought we would have and find gratitude for the places where we currently have peace and joy? Chinese Medicine acknowledges emotions and thoughts as a factor in causing pain along a channel or dysfunction in an organ system as much as going out in the cold rain without proper clothing.  

It is common for us to see waves of main concerns in the office.  During the Metal season, we see more shoulder and neck pain, TMJ, sinus issues, colds and coughs, and bowel concerns.  On a mental and spiritual level, we see patients struggling with grief and not feeling valued.  As metal balances out the wood, some patients struggle with anger not letting go of grudges that may have a physical impact on their physical body.  

How can we support you during the Fall? As Acupuncture acknowledges all of these aspects occurring simultaneously, the treatments will be tailored to your specific pain and your particular experience.  We will hold the space for you to heal in a way that resonates with who you are on that day. 

Missy is an expert at addressing TMJ concerns with various techniques in acupuncture and massage. She is even trained in a specific intra-oral massage technique that can be used. If you have questions about how she might be able to support you, contact us. You can also read more in our blog post about TMJ.