Herbal Medicine

One way that we use Chinese Herbal Medicine is to help support regular acupuncture treatment. Adding herbs and supplements to a regimen allows for daily self-treatment. We can suggest herbal formulas that coincide with the principles of the acupuncture treatment an individual is receiving.

Currently in my practice, we use encapsulated pills, raw herbal formulas that cook into a tea, or powdered herbs that can be mixed with water. The method of delivery depends on the individual and the condition.

A translation of the Chinese character for herbal medicine is music in plant form. I think this says so much about how Chinese Herbal Medicine works. Think about resonance with a musical instrument. Strumming the E string on one guitar will cause the E string of a nearby guitar to start vibrating at the same frequency. Similarly, ingesting a certain combination of herbs that have specific properties will allow a resonance within the body, returning it to its natural, healthy frequency. 

Ask if adding Chinese Herbal Medicine would benefit your treatment plan.

herbal medicine

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