Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists incorporate a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage based on your individual wants and needs. Our therapists are well trained in many other styles of body work and may, with your guidance, incorporate other skills to benefit your healing experience. Their massage techniques will help you reduce inflammation and injury, maintain a state of relaxation and ease, and increase circulation to benefit your overall health. Your massage will help you let go of stress and tension.

60 minutes


90 minutes


We view massage therapy as an important part of healthcare and because of that, do not expect any tips in addition to the cost you already pay.

Get additional anti-inflammatory benefits with a CBD massage. This treatment utilizes non-psychoactive CBD-infused oil that is massaged into the skin. The addition of CBD will further reduce inflammation within muscles and joints, while accelerating your healing.

Make any massage a CBD massage for an additional $25 charge.