As acupuncturists, we are familiar with using needles to help us heal and show up more beautifully in the world. We offer a unique combination of acupuncture and microneedling together to amplify results. Here, you also have the option to further enhance this treatment with the addition of serums and light therapy at no extra cost to you! You can expect to leave each visit with improved skin appearance, more confidence in your natural beauty, and a deep sense of calm & rejuvenation.

Microneedling is a natural cosmetic procedure that uses superficial needling to encourage your body to create more collagen and elastin. People use this technique to address fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, stretch marks, hair loss, sun damage, scars and much more. This treatment can be done monthly.

Nanoneedling is a similar technique that utilizes microscopic silicone tips that work at the most superficial level, only impacting the epidermis. Nanoneedling results in increased cell turnover, skin rejuvenation and an immediate glow with no downtime. This treatment can be done weekly to exfoliate the skin.

Microneedling and nanoneedling are less expensive and safer than many other cosmetic procedures on the market while remaining just as effective, if not more! These procedures may be safer for individuals with darker skin tones because they do not impact pigmentation the same ways lasers might. Both microneedling and nanoneedling  improve your skin’s ability to absorb products so you’re gaining the most benefit from at home treatments.

You’ll notice the best results with a series of treatments. Contact us to find out more about our pre-paid microneedling packages.

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