Scars: Aesthetic Treatment and So Much More

scars treatment

Our bodies and hearts can accumulate all types of scars. Whether they are emotional scars carried silently or physical scars worn visibly, each tells a story of an experience. Understanding and treating these scars can lead to profound healing and recovery, not just on the surface but deep within.

Understanding the Impact of Scars on Emotional and Physical Health

In this image, you can see the patient has a scar on the first two points of the Lung channel where the Wood moves into the Metal element. Emotionally, when the Qi (blood, fluids, electrical communication between body systems) gets backed up, she is not able to let go of anger and frustration leading to stuck irritability. Physically she experiences sneezing, a runny nose, and a post nasal drip. By needling the last point on the previous Wood channel and the 3rd point on the Lung channel, she can move her frustration and the upper respiratory symptoms disappear completely. This scar treatment involves needling the acupuncture point just before and just after the scar along the course of the channels.

Exploring Alternative Scar Treatment

scars treatment

There are other types of scar treatments and your provider will help determine which is right for you and how to recognize signs and symptoms when the Qi gets stuck. Please note that while occasionally the scar may lighten, these treatments will not remove the actual scar. 

This is a great example of a gap in conventional Western medical assessment and treatment where acupuncture can offer so much support. It’s important to tell your acupuncturist about any significant scars and traumas because they can impact systems beyond what Western medicine currently realizes. While physicians may not have connected the anger and frustration with the patients’ sinus and respiratory symptoms, the acupuncturist did. They were able to treat all of those symptoms without antihistamines or other medication. Those medications are great when they’re the right tool, they just weren’t necessary in this case. 

Addressing the Full Spectrum of Scar Impacts

If you have scars and are wondering how they may be impacting your overall health, talk to your acupuncturist or contact us. If you want to focus on the aesthetic/cosmetic aspects of your scars, we can help with that, too! Depending on the type of scar and the location, we suggest microneedling, light therapy, and topical serums to reduce the appearance of scars and soften the hard scar tissue. 

For personalized care and expert advice, contact Jennum O’Hara Acupuncture to explore your treatment options.