Should I do a detox? 4 Things to consider.

should i detox

The answer to the question “Should I do a detox?” is maybe. For the last several years, everywhere you look in the wellness industry, you can find people selling products for detox. I have many thoughts on this and will share a few of them here. 

1) Your body has amazing detoxing functions built in! 

Your skin, lungs, digestive tract, liver, and kidneys all work to help clear toxins from your body. 

2) Not everyone needs the same treatment. 

What are you detoxing from? Have you undergone intense medical treatment? Had an exposure you’re concerned about? Are you more focused on the accumulation of regular environmental toxins? Do you have reasons to believe that your natural detoxifying systems aren’t functioning properly? Get curious and clear about what’s going on with you, what the program you’re considering is doing, and how you know it’s right for you. Consulting a specialized provider can help eliminate a lot of the guesswork and prevent you from harming yourself. 

3) Easily accessible supplements and plans CAN be harmful. 

If you’re not clear on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, some of these over-the-counter treatments can cause more harm than good. They can injure or overwork the exact systems you’re looking to support. Some Detox Protocols I have seen ask your body’s natural detox systems to work harder. That is the opposite of what you want.

4) Uncomfortable purging is not always necessary. 

There are cases where someone may benefit from having a dramatic purge through one of the body’s detox systems such as a rash, vomiting, diarrhea, or coughing up fluids. This is not always the case. I might even say that most of the time, this won’t happen. For your average, fairly healthy adult, the process will likely be more subtle. You will usually get far better results from these protocols that gently support your body’s system functioning as opposed to the ones that tax your systems with theatrics. There are situations where a more aggressive purge is vital, but it won’t be the case for most people. 

So what should you do if you want to help encourage your body’s ability to detox? Here are a few tips:

  • Eat well – Eat good quality, whole foods as much as possible.
  • Hydrate – Drink adequate water every day. 
  • Move your body – Engage in some physical activity you enjoy. 
  • Use gentle and natural products – Use gentle and natural products on your skin and in your environment.
  • Avoid “re-toxing” your body – For some time you may decide to give yourself a break from alcohol, caffeine, added sugar, processed foods, and so on. 
  • Consult an appropriate healthcare provider Acupuncturists are one example of a healthcare provider who can make suggestions of acupuncture, herbal formulas, and lifestyle shifts to enhance the efficient functioning of your body’s detox systems. 

This time of year, we work with many people to do a Liver Enhancement Plan. The Liver is one of the body’s major detoxifying systems. From one East Asian medical perspective, this time of year is associated with the liver. Supporting its healthy functioning can ease migraines, irritability, menstrual symptoms, anger, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, weight gain and so much more. 

Contact us if you’d like to hear more about how we can support your body’s natural detoxification.