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Jennum O’Hara, Acupuncture in Ellicott City, MD
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 18 reviews
 by Jordan

Dr. O'Hara is AMAZING.....from back pain to elbow pain to hip pain there is no pain she cannot help.

Highly, highly recommend Jennum O'Hara Accupuncture!

 by Jen
Expert Knowledge, Compassionate Care

Jennum O'Hara Acupuncture has been instrumental in my health and wellbeing. I am so grateful for Dr. J's expert knowledge and skill, coupled with her compassionate and intuitive communication style. Dr. J is a gem of a practitioner and person.

 by Tara Carbo
The best care!!

This sounds a little funny but literally when Jennum touched my hand to check my pulse, I immediately became calm… noticeably calm!! She is a gifted energy professional. She runs her business with a calm, integral spirit and always has others’ experience and healing top of mind.

She goes above and beyond to ensure comfort and healing, she follows up and makes me feel like her number one priority is that I heal and feel better.

Jennum has got to be in the top 1% of acupuncture professionals in the world.

 by Holly

I've been to Jennum off and on for about three years now for both acupuncture and microneedling. A consummate professional, as well as incredibly knowledgeable, Jennum genuinely cares about her patients. During acupuncture treatments, she educates the patient about the choices she makes, why she makes those choices, the possible outcomes of those choices, etc., and the treatments always make a difference as far as pain management is concerned. I always leave my sessions feeling better than I did before I went in--physically & emotionally.

 by Dee

Jennum is a wonderful practitioner. She is very knowledgeable about a variety of acupuncture therapies, and helps you, as the patient, to understand the treatment practices and benefits they offer. She is warm and caring, and the office setting is beautiful! Highly recommend Jennum!

 by Ozlen

I absolutely love and adore Jennum. I feel the difference every time I see her.

 by Joanna

Jennum is a kind and compassionate healthcare provider. I always feel better, both physically and psychologically when a session is over. I've been having regular treatments for various joint issues over the last 2 years. She is knowledgeable about Chinese Medicine and explains not only what she is doing, but why. Wonderful experience every time!

 by Joanna

I come from a background in western medicine, so acupuncture is far out of my comfort zone. But, after a few years of knee and foot pain, I was willing to try anything. After a few months of treatments with Jennum, I am beyond impressed. My knee pain is practically gone and my feet are improving all the time. My right foot is pain-free when walking and exercising. My left foot, clearly the more stubborn of the two, is taking its time, but getting there.

She notices everything. She asked me about jaw pain (I had forgotten to mention my TMJ). I replied that I had been having some trouble that week with it. A couple of pins later, the pain is gone. When I made an off the cuff remark like "Oh, yeah...and I'd like to lose 20 pounds, but you know how that goes," she stopped and said "Okay. Let's explore that." Low and behold, I'm down 10 pounds. Mindfulness about my body is the trick and Jennum's willingness to be my accountability is extraordinary.

Jennum is an amazing person. She is professional and educated, kind, compassionate and persistent. She has worked so hard trying to find new channels to work on and new treatments to try. I look forward to every session for relief, kind and supportive words, and relaxation. Her holistic approach to life and healing has made an impression and a difference in my life.

 by Gary

It would be very hard to find a more compassionate, caring person than Jennum.Very professional, Jennum is an expert in her field. She is always looking to provide the best care she can for her clients. From very bad headaches, to worse neck pain, Jennum has used acupuncture to relieve my pain. I no longer have to take pain meds for either problem. What a relief! I highly recommend Jennum & acupuncture for any chronic pain you may have.

 by Marie

Run, do not walk, to see Jennum!

Jennum is incredible human being. She is professional, kind, incredibly knowledgable, and will make you feel comfortable from the first session. I am very concerned about cleanliness and safety, especially when needles are involved. Jennum took the time to explain all of her safety procedures and ensured that I felt confident prior to beginning. She took the time to do a thorough evaluation of why I came to see her in the first place. She has a holistic approach and is interested in understanding me as a person, not just me as an ailment. The space is clean, inviting, and relaxing. She worked hard prior to my first appointment to verify my insurance benefits for me, another thing off of my plate! But most importantly, Jennum is a skilled practitioner. I felt relief from the first session and continue to experience benefits. Get in while she is still taking new clients, you will not regret it!

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