Energize Your Essence: Understanding Fatigue and Unlocking Vitality with Acupuncture

acupuncture and fatigue

Early afternoon, some obscure weekday like any other.  I sat down to study and I thought, “I am so tired.  Is it too soon for a cup of coffee?”  I got up to make a cup and it hit me.  When did being tired become a symptom?  I made a mental list of all the things I did that day and of course, I was tired.  Patients often come in with a complaint of being tired and wanting more energy.  This is valid.  It is my job to discern if you are appropriately tired, like I was, and need support in rest and rejuvenation.  Or if a heavier fatigue and lassitude is weighing you down, coming from a balance within the elements.  Usually, it is a bit of both.  Acupuncture can support you wherever this tiredness is coming from.  

In addition, I would like to extend an invitation to look at your week and see if you simply do need a rest of sorts.  Being tired is a symptom, just like pain.  It is a way for your body to communicate a need.  

I didn’t make that cup of coffee.  I heated some bone broth and decided to lay down with a blanket, close my eyes, and just be present in a still quiet space.  (I had 1 more hour until the kids came home).  I thought about the day, my habits, and the time of year, and decided to adjust my schedule a bit so that I was walking more in resonance with this time of year.   I took inventory with myself just as I would with a patient.  It is important to understand where the tiredness and fatigue are coming from.  Not sleeping well?  Digestion?  Hormonal?  Chronic pain? Lots of things can impact our energy levels.  

East Asian medicine works by looking at each person individually so that your Acupuncturist can support you where you are.  Our goal is that you feel you can walk your path with vitality.