What is AcuHour Anyway?


Simply put, it’s a community of people all receiving acupuncture treatment together. That’s really all you need to know.

Ok. I’ll say a bit more.

There are a variety of ways people can practice community acupuncture. At JOA, we all come together at one time. I will place 5 pins on the outside of each ear. The ear is used to treat the entire body. This particular protocol eases the ““Fight or Flight”” response so we can find more calm throughout our days. It also supports major organ systems to function optimally in the body. Generally, this treatment is great for everyone. After that, I place pins that are more specifically geared to treat you as an individual and address your symptoms more directly. Most of these pins will be placed on the arms (from elbow to fingers) or the lower leg (from knee to toes). Once pins are in, we may do a breathing exercise or meditation together. You will be left to enjoy the treatment for about a half hour. Once the pins are removed, you can take much more relaxation with you into the rest of your day!

Why Should I try it?
There are many benefits of Community Acupuncture. Below are a few that may convince you to join us this Thursday evening.

• It’s affordable! If you are looking to try acupuncture for the first time, want to receive regular treatment on a budget, or need tune-ups between your one-on-one visits, this is a practical way to do it.
• It’s non-verbal. Most of the treatment is left up to the pins and your body to do the work. There is no need to explain pains or stressors in life for this to work.
• It’s side effects are desirable. This treatment works on the whole body. Most people notice they sleep better, have improved digestion, feel less pain, and have an overall sense of well being in addition to resolution of their main symptoms.

Is it time for Individual Sessions?
Community Acupuncture is wonderful and a time may come when individual sessions would suit your needs better.

• You want to learn more. In one-on-one sessions, I can teach you more about how to better understand your symptoms and how you can treat yourself. This allows you to be less reliant on healthcare practitioners overall.
• You would like to see greater shifts in your symptoms. The privacy and focus of an individual session allows us to access different acu-points. It also allows for a greater understanding of you, your symptoms, and therefore, treatment.
• You are benefitting. You’ve seen that acupuncture is effective and are ready to commit to a more focused treatment.
• You want some conversation. You have more questions or feel like some further discussion would be helpful in moving through your symptoms.

To prepare for treatment, follow these tips:

• Drink more water – hydrating the skin will help ease the insertion of the pins. Keep in mind you may be sitting with the pins in for 30-45 minutes. Be sure to use the restroom before treatment.
• Enjoy a light snack. It is generally good to have some food in your belly before acupuncture.
• Reduce sugar and caffeine intake before a treatment. Both of these can make you more sensitive to the pins.
• Massage your ears to prepare skin for the pins.
• Deep Breathing – This is a good practice in general to calm and settle. With acupuncture, take a deep breath in, then as you exhale the pin will be placed. This reduces discomfort. Holding your breath will increase the slight sting you may feel.
• Ask for meditation practices to help you relax into the treatment and enhance the effects.